Wamego Match Day is
October 8, 2020
Wamego Match Day
Wamego Match Day is
October 8, 2020
Wamego Match Day is
October 08, 2020

WCF We Are Wamego

Goal: $10,000.00

Specific Need

In order to promote and increase philanthropy and improve the quality of life for Wamego and its citizens, the Wamego Community Foundation annually conducts the We Are Wamego grant program.  This program provides grants for a variety of charitable activities, projects and programs throughout Wamego each spring.  In order to be able to continue to provide grant funding to deserving charitable causes and organizations in Wamego, both now and in future years through both endowed and expendable grant funds, the monies required to sustain and perpetuate this grant funding program depend for the most part on donations and gifts from a variety of public and private donations.  Therefore, the Foundation is requesting financial support from Wamego and its citizens for the We Are Wamego grant program on Match Day.  Donations and gifts given by the Wamego Community and its citizens on this day in support of the worthwhile charitable causes and programs funded through the We Are Wamego grant program will be deeply and sincerely appreciated by the Wamego Community Foundation.


The Wamego Community Foundation is a Kansas nonprofit corporation and a public charity under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c).  The mission of the Foundation is to inspire giving and to connect people who care with the causes that matter most to them in order to enhance Wamego for both current and future generations.



The concept of the We Are Wamego Grant Funds program was recently originated and implemented by the Wamego Foundation Board of Directors. It provides an example of how the spirit of charitable giving can be accessed through a program of community outreach to donors to fund charitable causes, projects and services throughout the Wamego area.  Among its various public and private funding sources, this grant program is funded throughout the year in significant part and on an ongoing basis by contributions made in the form of monthly payroll deductions authorized by the employees of various Wamego businesses and other entities. Employing this community-wide process for supporting both charitable needs and projects funding, grants are awarded to a broad diversity of causes and funds utilizing an application process which is conducted in the spring of each year.   In the past two years, grants in a total amount in excess of $20,000 have been awarded from the We Are Wamego Foundation Grant Funds to some 20 different charitable organizations and causes.  Included among the entities which have received We are Wamego grants: Wamego School District 320 for various student summer programs; the Columbian Theater Summer Program; the Wamego Public Library Summer Reading Program; the Three Rivers Helmet Up Campaign; the Lions Club4Sight Program; the Wamego Community Garden, the Wamego Community Health Ministry, Pawnee Mental Health Wamego; Donating the Basics; Girl Scout Troop 1250; City of Wamego; Wamego High School Peer Chamber; Job Olympics; 5th Grade Afterschool Stem; and Donating the Basics, among others.


The period for filing 2019 We Are Wamego grant applications began on May 1, 2019, and will end on June 15, 2019.  The grant application review and selection period will take place thereafter, with the We Are Wamego grant awards being announced the later part of June.  We are Wamego grant applications may be obtained by contacting the Foundation or by going to the Home Page on the Wamego Community Foundation website and by clicking on the link to the We Are Wamego application form and then downloading the form.


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