Wamego Match Day is
June 7, 2019
Wamego Match Day
Wamego Match Day is
June 7, 2019
Wamego Match Day is
June 07, 2019

Match Day Guidelines


The Wamego Community Foundation Match Day is scheduled to be held from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Friday, June 7, 2019, at Iron Clad, 427 Lincoln Avenue, in downtown Wamego, Kansas.  Online Match Day gift donations may also be made between the hours of 12:00 a.m. and 11:59 p.m. on June 7, 2019.


Representatives of each of the organizations which will be participating as recipients on Match Day have been encouraged to be on site throughout the day to greet and visit with members of the public in attendance, but this is not a requirement for their participation. Match Day does provide these organizations with a singular opportunity to present their mission, vision and a description of their charitable causes and services to members of the public at large attending this event and as provided by them in the City of Wamego and adjacent areas.          

Wamego Community Foundation Board Directors, staff and volunteers will be easily identified wearing Wamego Match Day--A Day of Community Pride and Inspiration In Giving t-shirts. If a representative of a participating organization has not received a t-shirt prior to the Match Day event, the Wamego Community Foundation will provide that organization with one of these Wamego Match Day t-shirts to wear at this event. Additional t-shirts may also be ordered by participating organizations and members of the public at a reasonable cost if they so desire.  





  • Individual and organizational donors from throughout the Wamego community are invited and encouraged to attend Match Day and will be provided the opportunity (both on- line and at the live event) to select which participating organization or organizations to support.  100% of their donation will go directly to each organization’s fund with the Wamego Community Foundation which is chosen by each donor.   Although gifts of any amount are welcome and encouraged, donations of a minimum of $25 will receive a local match at 50¢ on the dollar up to a maximum of $2,000 per charitable organization per donor.


For Example:

Jane Doe makes a single $1,000 donation to organization Y.  In addition to this $1,000 donation, organization Y will also receive an additional $500 in matching funds from the Foundation.


John Doe makes a donation of $1000 each to four different organizations for a total Match Day donation from John of $4000.  Since this total donation is divided equally with the amount of $1000 going to each of the four different and unrelated organizations, each of these organizations would receive a match grant of $500.


Carla Charity makes a $5,000 donation to a single participating organization which has long been the beneficiary of her charitable giving.  This organization would receive a matching grant in the amount of $1000.  (The maximum amount matched per donor per organization is $2,000)


  • The match monies earned by each non-profit and charitable group is an outright grant and may be used as each group desires and directs.  For example, the grant monies may be added to an existing or new endowment, added to an expendable fund, or disbursed per the request of the group for a check to be used for payment of current day-to-day operating expenses.


  • All Match Day donations made by the public are tax deductible. If donors provide an email address, all gifts (by cash or check and online) will generate an email receipt at the time of the donation and an additional receipt will not be mailed. If no email address is provided, donations made by cash or check will receive a receipt letter from and on behalf of the Wamego Foundation after the event. Persons or entities making cash gifts will also be entitled to receive a hand written receipt at the event.


  • In order to expedite the processing of gifts made on Match Day, each individual donor  will be required to write one check made payable to the Wamego Community Foundation for the total of all gifts made by that individual donor to various agencies.  A separate form will be provided and used to identify and designate which organization will benefit from each gift.


  • Donations by participating organizations to their own fund will not qualify for matching grant funds or incentive prizes made available on Match Day.


  • Donors are encouraged to make gifts in person at the event. If a donor is not able to attend the event and does not want to make an online gift remotely, another individual may bring a gift to the live event for them. All checks should be dated June 7, 2019, and made payable to the Wamego Community Foundation.  Gifts brought in on behalf of a donor do not qualify for the hourly drawing.


  • Volunteers will be available at the event to accept checks and cash gifts as well as to assist with online donations and to provide whatever other assistance is needed by members of the public who will be in attendance on Match Day.


  • Match Day donations, once made, are irrevocable and must be made on June 7, 2019 with no exceptions.




The provisions of this section will only apply to donors who make gifts in person at the Match Day live event which will be held at the Iron Clad, 427 Lincoln Avenue in downtown Wamego, Kansas.  Throughout the day of this event, an individual donor will be randomly chosen every hour (out of all donors making donations during that hour) to win an extra cash donation for the charitable entity of that donor’s choosing.  An additional $50 will then be given to the participating charitable entity so identified and designated by that donor.

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