Wamego Match Day is
October 8, 2020
Wamego Match Day
Wamego Match Day is
October 8, 2020
Wamego Match Day is
October 08, 2020

Match Day Guidelines

Modified and Updated Event Details

The Wamego Community Foundation Board of Directors is pleased to announce that it has determined to proceed with the 2nd Annual 2020 Wamego Match Day.  Originally postponed in June of 2020 and then rescheduled to be held on Thursday, October 8, 2020, the Foundation has now determined to restructure and hold this 2nd Annual 2020 Wamego Match Day event utilizing a modified format, including an extended period for donations by the public which are made by check, as described below.  As an additional Match Day feature, the Foundation has also confirmed that it will proceed with the on-line Match Day component which is scheduled to be held from 12:01 AM through 11:59 PM on October 8.  In adopting and implementing this modified format, the Foundation has noted the current and on-going status of the Covid-19 pandemic and the continuing spread of this virus throughout various parts of Kansas.  These pandemic developments continue to dictate prudent social distancing and crowd and people assembly gathering limitations, particularly for indoors venues, as well as masks and other pandemic developments and directives which are expected to continue to be in effect for various regions of Kansas through September and well into October.   Consequently, the Foundation Board of Directors has determined that it would be impractical, unsafe, and unwise to hold a live portion for the 2020 Wamego Match Day event.  Consequently, the 2nd Annual Wamego Match Day will be held in this modified format with a donation component for checks and an online component as described in this website.


Since the Foundation has deemed it prudent and necessary to hold this Match Day utilizing this format, the Foundation has adopted and is providing clear instructions to include and allow various donation payment methods by check or online. As a result, alternatives for donations by check are being permitted and made available in order to accommodate all participating Match Day nonprofit and charitable organizations and all donors who desire to make donations to these organizations on Match Day.  These donation payment alternatives are summarized as follows:

  • Payment by checks made out to WCF and mailed along with the required completed donation forms enclosed,  with the recommendation that they be mailed to WCF at least 5 days prior to October 8 and in any event, required to be post-marked no later than October 8.

Please Note:Donation forms are available on this website and are to be printed and completed by all donors making Match Day gifts.

  • Deposit of envelopes containing checks made out to WCF accompanied by completed donation forms which are deposited in the mail slot in the red door located to the left and adjacent to the glass door and entrance at the front of Iron Clad at 417 Lincoln Avenue.  These payments  and deposits may be made either before or on Match Day, October 8;
  • Donation payments deposited in the outdoor, drive thru, drop off area which will be provided and available from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm on Match Day, October 8, and which will be located in the ally at the rear of Iron Clad.  Such donations must also include a donation form completed by each donor using this drop off service.
  • Credit card donations made online at www.wamegomatchday.com from 12:01 am to 11:59 pm on Match Day, October 8.


Since the live portion of this 2nd Annual Wamego Match Day has been cancelled by the Foundation,  representatives of the organizations participating as recipients on Match Day will not be on site at Iron Clad on October 8 to greet and visit with members of the public in attendance.  Match Day does provide these organizations with the opportunity to provide concise profiles to be included on this website and short videos likewise made available to the general public. These items present their missions, visions and a description of their charitable projects, causes and services, thus enabling the public at large to learn more about each of these organizations.




Individual and organizational donors from throughout the Wamego community are invited and encouraged to participate in this Match Day event and will be provided the opportunity to select which participating organization or organizations to support.  100% of their donation will go directly to each participating organization’s fund with the Wamego Community Foundation which is chosen and as directed by each donor.   Although gifts of any amount are more than welcome and are encouraged, donations of a minimum of $25 and greater will receive a local match at 50¢ for each dollar donated by a member of the public up to a maximum donation of $3,000 allowable to be made by each individual donor to each participating charitable organization. 


In order to more fully illustrate and describe how these guidelines for Match Day will work, the following examples have been provided.  In these examples, it is assumed that the maximum amount of public donations by public donors to each participating organization for which matching funds will be allowable will be $6000 for each such participating organization.  Matching funds will be made available and payable in an amount equal to 50% of public donations made to each participating organization up to 50% of this maximum amount of public donations of $6,000.  Under Match Day guidelines, matching funds would be made available to provide up to an additional maximum of $3000 made payable directly for the benefit of each such participating nonprofit and charitable organization.

Using these hypothetical amounts, the following examples illustrate how the various parameters for making matching funds available to participating organizations for this Match Day event are applied:


  • Jane Doe makes a single $1,000 donation to organization Y.  In addition to this $1,000 donation, organization Y will also receive an additional $500 in matching funds from the Foundation and made with monies provided from Match Day matching funds.
  • John Doe makes donations of $1000 each to four different organizations for a total Match Day donation from John of $4000.  Since this total donation is divided equally with the amount of $1000 going to each of the four different and unrelated organizations, each of these organizations would receive a matching grant of $500 made available from monies provided from the Match Day matching funds.
  • Carla Charity makes a $5,000 donation to a single participating organization which has long been the beneficiary of her charitable giving.  This organization would receive a matching grant in the amount of $1500 made available from monies provided and made available from Match Day matching funds gifts.  The matching funds so received by this organization are in an amount which is less than 50% of Carla Charity’s total individual donation. This is because under the parameters established for the Match Day event, the maximum amount allowed to be matched for a single donor gift made to a single organization is $3,000.  This would in turn result in a maximum amount of $1500 in matching grant funds that could be made available to this single organization from Match Day matching funds.  If this same organization receives a second single donation of $3,000 from a single and different public donor and not Carla Charity, then an additional matching fund grant from Match Day matching funds in the amount of $1,500 would be payable to this organization. As a further result of these two donations, this organization has now reached its maximum of 3,000 in matching grant funds allowable to it as a result of these two gifts, and it will not be entitled to receive additional Match Day matching funds should it continue to receive additional individual donor gifts from the community at large throughout the day.
  • The maximum amount of total Match Day grants to a participating organization on this Wamego Match Day will ultimately depend on the total amount of monies made available for matching grants from Match Day matching funds, as well as the final number of nonprofit and charitable organizations who will participate as recipients in the event.  These Match Day amounts and related information will be made available and posted on this website and also disseminated through various forms of media as soon as this information becomes final and available to the Foundation for this Match Day.
  • The matching monies earned by each non-profit and charitable group on Match Day is an outright grant and may be used as each such group desires and directs.  For example, the grant monies may be added to an existing or new endowment, added to an expendable fund, or disbursed per the request of the group for a check to be used for payment of current day-to-day operating expenses.
  • All Match Day donations made by the public are tax deductible. If donors provide an email address, all gifts (by cash or check and made online) will generate an email receipt at the time of the donation and an additional receipt will not be mailed. If no email address is provided, donations made by cash or check will receive a receipt letter from and on behalf of the Wamego Community Foundation after the event. Persons or entities making cash gifts on Match Day will also be entitled to receive a hand written receipt at the time the donation is completed.
  • In order to expedite the processing of gifts made in person on Match Day, each individual donor will be required to write one check made payable to the Wamego Community Foundation for the total of all gifts made by that individual donor to various organizations.  A separate donation form will be provided and used by each donor to identify and designate which organizations will benefit from each such combined gift.
  • Donations by participating organizations to their own fund will not qualify for matching grant funds or incentive prizes made available on Match Day.
  • Despite not proceeding with a live portion for this 2nd Annual Match Day, Foundation Board Members and staff will be available at Iron Clad on October 8 to provide guidance and assistance to assure compliance with all Covid-19 pandemic restrictions and directives by those persons admitted to Iron Clad and needing assistance in making their donations.   If a donor is not able to personally deliver a donation and does not want to make an online gift remotely, another individual acting on the person’s behalf, may bring a gift and either drop the gift off at Iron Clad at the front or back of this business or make the gift in person in accordance with instructions and guidance provided by Foundation staff.  All checks should be made payable to the Wamego Community Foundation. 
  • As noted above, volunteers will be available at Iron Clad on Match Day to assist donors and to accept checks and cash gifts as well as to assist with online donations and to provide whatever other assistance is needed by members of the public who require such assistance.  Foundation personnel will provide constant monitoring at Iron Clad to assure compliance with all required Covid-19 pandemic directives and instructions for personal protection and personal safety precautions, including avoiding breach of limitations imposed on the number of  persons allowed to assemble on the inside of facilities of various categories, the wearing of masks, social distancing and other pandemic directives.
  • Match Day donations, once made, are irrevocable and must be made in compliance with instructions and requirements of the Wamego Community Foundation without exception.




The provisions of this section apply to participating organizations selected by drawings conducted hourly on Match Day by staff and volunteers who will be present and available from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm at the Iron Clad, 427 Lincoln Avenue in downtown Wamego, Kansas.  Throughout this Match Day event, an individual organization will be randomly drawn and chosen every hour to win an extra cash donation for that charitable entity or organization. An additional $50 will then be given to that participating charitable entity or organization whose name is so drawn and chosen.

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