Wamego Match Day is
October 8, 2020
Wamego Match Day
Wamego Match Day is
October 8, 2020
Wamego Match Day is
October 08, 2020

Wamego Foundation Match Day Benefactors

The generosity of a very limited number of Benefactors who have made significant contributions to the Foundation to be used for matching grant monies has made this and other Match Day Events possible.. Over a period of many years, these Benefactors and their families have lived in and are or have been an active part of this community and have participated in its many volunteer and philanthropic programs. During this process each of them has developed a strong sense of devotion, fondness and dedication for and to what they consider to be a wonderful community and citizenry which continues to this day. The Match Day monies made available by these Benefactors to the Foundation will be used to provide additional matches of funds in amounts of up to 50% of donations made by the public, ranging from a minimum amount of $25.00 to a maximum of $3000.00 per public donor for each participating organization. These public donations consist of gifts to various Match Day participating nonprofit and charitable funds made by members of the public who donate gifts in support of these organizations during the period of each Wamego Match Day Event. Summary biographical and Benefactor organization overviews of some of these Benefactors are presented in the following paragraphs. 

Bank of the Flint Hills

First chartered in 1876, Bank of the Flint Hills (formerly known as First National Bank of Wamego) has had a notable history and reputation for reliability, credibility and community involvement. Headquartered in Wamego, the Bank and its employees are proud of their long heritage in the Wamego community. Now expanded with eight locations in the Flint Hills, their employees and owners live. play and raise their families in the thriving Flint Hills region. As an independent and locally owned bank, BFH pushes to stay on the leading edge of today’s banking technology while never losing touch with their customers, employees and roots.

Bank of the Flint Hills believes in the power of Community. “A community bank that acts like one”, the bank encourages employees to give time, money and/or resources to their communities and their favorite organizations. It is not uncommon to see a group of employees together giving their time to chambers of commerce, schools, churches, festivals and even team-coaching sports. Employees also band together to pool their donations to make a greater impact. Held at the Wamego Community Foundation, the Employee Donor Advised Fund allows employees to support scholarships for high school seniors, as well as make large contributions to local charities. 100% of BFH employees participate in this shared giving concept called Casual for a Cause. 

Today, Bank of the Flint Hills strives to be the bank of choice for businesses, homes and families in the region. Recognizing the need for customers to connect with their bank in a variety of methods, the bank continues to adopt new channels and technology to aid their customers on “their own time”, thus reflecting the motto, “A Community bank that acts like one.” 
The Bank of the Flint Hills family firmly believes that thriving communities are rooted in giving and the Bank practices that principal in its daily operations, including in the capacity of being a matching Benefactor through the Wamego Community Foundation. 

Marilyn Belton Reznick and the Gaylord Belton Memorial Fund

Gaylord and Florence Belton move from Lost Springs and established residence in the community of Wamego, Kansas in 1962, along with their two children, Marilyn and Rudy. Gaylord was employed by Skelgas until his first retirement in 1982, following which he worked another 12 years at the Last Stop Gas station until his second retirement in 1994. Florence was a homemaker, a seamstress and an avid collector of antique buttons. Marilyn Belton Reznick graduated from Wamego High School, following which she then attended and graduated from Kansas University and the University of Illinois before moving to the east coast where she currently resides with her husband, Ira. Marilyn's brother Rudy also graduated from Wamego High School and Kansas University and then received a Law Degree from the Whittier College School of Law and subsequently lived in Los Angeles and Austin, Texas. 

Reinforcing the Belton tradition of recognizing the importance of education at all levels, the Belton Memorial Fund was originally established to provide scholarships to Wamego High School students. Today, the scope of funding provided by the Belton Memorial Fund has been expanded and now offers support to a broad range of worthy organizations and charitable causes, among which is this year’s Wamego Community Foundation Match Day. The generous donation made by Marilyn and the Belton Memorial Fund further reflects the admiration of the Belton Family for the community they were proud to call their home for so many years. 

Gary and Bunny McCloud

Currently longtime residents of Wamego, Gary was born in Indiana and was raised in Iowa, while Bunny was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Arizona. Meeting over 40 years ago while employed on a KDOT project, Gary and Bunny were subsequently married and lived in McFarland before moving to Wamego to take up residence in 1985. The years since have seen them heavily involved in a wide variety of community activities as a result of their growing love for Wamego and the realization that it takes dedicated community volunteers to continue to and further enrich, in their words, the "magic of Wamego Kansas" and "to be involved in this truly fabulous community". As noted in the following paragraphs, one can truly see that they have spent a significant part of their lives participating as volunteers for many worthy causes and projects throughout this community which they revere. 

For a period of over 10 years, Bunny participated and represented Wamego at the Kansas Sampler in such Kansas communities as Garden City, Concordia, Leavenworth and Liberal and was then instrumental in bringing the Sampler to Wamego as one of four committee members. Both Gary and Bunny volunteered their time in service to the Wamego Christmas Bureau and the OZ Museum and Columbian Theatre, being members of the group that actually participated in the founding of the Oz and assisting in its promotion by performing the characters of Glinda and the Lion, respectively, as well as volunteering for whatever other tasks were required for developing and promoting the Museum. In furtherance of the ties of the Wamego community to the saga of the Wizard of Oz, which is well documented and forms one of the centerpieces for many of Wamego's tourist and historic attractions, Gary and Bunny first ordered and then participated in laying the bricks in place for what is the current yellow brick road path, which is now planned for a significant expansion and upgrade as a Wamego Area Chamber of Commerce project.

When he returned from serving in the Vietnam War while in the military, Gary witnessed and experienced firsthand the disrespect and outright loathing shown by many in this country toward the military during this sad period in our American history. Since that time, Gary, Bunny and all of us have been fortunate and blessed to observe and be a part of the revitalization and restoration of the respect and reverence which by far the majority of Americans feel toward all branches of the military today. A major part of Gary and Bunny's lives have been devoted to those many occasions they have volunteered and participated in multiple organizations, activities and programs which honor those who continue to fight for and protect, as well as those who have died in protecting, the freedoms fortunate to be cherished by us all. To this end, over the years they have been extensively involved in annual Wamego Memorial Day observances and with the Wamego American Legion and Wamego VFW and their respective Auxiliaries. Gary and Bunny were also instrumental in starting the American Legion Riders local chapter in the realization that the Legion would need an infusion and boost of young people in its membership in order to continue in existence as a vibrant and viable organization. Their participation in many various activities commemorating the military has also included July 4th programs, participation in flag lines and various motorcycle escorts and in Legion honor guards for funerals and other events for Veterans. Particularly meaningful to Gary and Bunny was their participation in the planning, fundraising, casting of the bronze soldier for, and the construction and completion of the Wamego Area Veterans Memorial and in all of which they played a significant part from conception to reality. 

The Edna Mae Peddicord Trust

Edna Mae Peddicord was the wife of Robert “Bob” Peddicord, a lifelong resident and business owner for many years in Wamego.  Both Bob and Edna were highly supportive of educational pursuits by individuals of all ages. Their recognition of the value of education was reflected in the guidance and encouragement with which they raised their two children, Lynn and Bobby, who both went on to graduate from college with honors.  In recognition of the meaning and worth of an education, Edna established the Robert and Edna Mae Peddicord Scholarship Fund with the Wamego Community Foundation to both honor the memory of her husband and to provide financial assistance to deserving Wamego High School graduating seniors who expressed their desire to attend institutions of high learning following their graduation from high school.  As a reflection of her special fondness and support for various disciplines in the arts, Edna directed that special scholarship consideration be given to students studying music, drama, theatre, the performing arts and the healing arts as well as a variety of disciplines in the field of education. The scholarship assistance and support provided by this scholarship fund is made available to students for each of the four years a student is engaged in the pursuit of a earning a college degree through the provisions of the fund which grant and permit renewal of scholarships of $500 for each of these four years. 

In addition to the Peddicord Scholarship Fund, during her later years Edna established the Edna Peddicord Trust as a philanthropic and irrevocable civic-minded endowed trust.  The powers to make awards of grants embodied in this Trust are crafted with the intention that these gifts will have a substantive and positive impact on and promote the well-being of Wamego and the surrounding area through grants awarded to enhance the arts, culture, health and quality of life for Wamego and its citizens.  Consequently, grant funds are generally made available each year to various nonprofit entities in support of their philanthropic and charitable missions, causes and projects.  Over the years, the trustees and advisors for the Peddicord Trust have made grants encompassing and supporting a broad range of disciplines which have generally included the following:

Arts, Culture and Historic Preservation
Community Development
Education and Youth Services
Health and Life Sciences

The Trust limits the grants it confers only to those organizations that are exempt from Federal Income Tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and that serve the Wamego community and the surrounding area.  The recipient of any grant from the Trust is required to use the grant funds awarded to it for the specific purpose or purposes as set forth in the recipient’s grant application or proposal.  The Wamego Community Foundation further requires each recipient to provide a detailed report fully describing project expenditures to and including the date of the report, to provide for the reporting of planned additional project expenditures, if any, and to submit information describing the results of the expenditure of grant funds and other monies for the project, service or cause funded. The Trust does not provide grants or other funds to individuals, political parties, political causes or political activities, political candidates, athletics or religious organizations for denominational programs or purposes of any kind.

The Wamego Veterinary Clinic and Dr. Jon and Renee Pachta

Dr. Jon and Renee Pachta moved to Wamego some 26 years ago, and have always been active in the community.  Jon and Renee own and operate the Wamego Veterinary Clinic along with their oldest daughter, Dr. Elyse Rottinghaus.  They have 3 other children, all of whom attended Wamego schools.  Their youngest, Emily, will graduate from Wamego High School this year.  Their two sons, Ryan and Aaron, graduated from KSU and are now are both mechanical engineers.  Renee is a speech-language pathologist and works for the Special Services Cooperative.  She has been very involved with their children’s education, by volunteering in the schools, being PTO president, member of several Site Councils, and more recently with Drama Boosters.  Renee has also been very involved in St. Bernard’s Catholic Church by ushering, teaching religion, and taking communion to the homebound.

Jon was a member of the Wamego Community Foundation Board for 6 years, serving as president for 3 years, and believes that the Foundation serves a very important role in the Wamego community.  Jon coached Wamego Rec baseball and softball for many years as his children were growing up.  More recently, he has continued to serve on the Oztoberfest committee, has been in several Columbian Theatre productions, and currently serves as the President of the Columbian Theatre/Oz Museum Foundation Board.  Jon is also involved with the St. Bernard Catholic Church, serving on the building committee for many years, playing guitar and singing at Mass, and acting as treasurer for the Knights of Columbus.

Both Jon and Renee have great love and affection for the Wamego community, and are very thankful for all the love and support the community has given them through the years.

On behalf of the City of Wamego and its citizens, the Wamego Community Foundation and its governing board and staff extend their deepest, sincere gratitude and appreciation to these Benefactors (as well as to those additional 2020 Match Day Benefactors who have chosen to remain anonymous) for all of the unselfish contributions of these Benefactors in making the Wamego Match Day Events a reality and a success.  These Benefactor donations play a critical role in not only the 2020 Wamego Match Day Event but also in creating a solid basis and foundation for the many Wamego Match Days which will be forthcoming in the many years yet to come.

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