Wamego Match Day is
October 8, 2020
Wamego Match Day
Wamego Match Day is
October 8, 2020
Wamego Match Day is
October 08, 2020

About the Wamego Community Foundation Match Day Event


The Wamego Community Foundation Match Day Event has been designated by the Foundation as a time for “Community Pride and Inspiration in Giving” throughout the Wamego community. Originally scheduled to be held in June of 2020 and subsequently postponed to October 8, 2020, the Foundation has again restructured this 2020 Wamego Match Day and eliminated the live portion of this event due to the effect and significant adverse impacts and limitations which continue to occur as the result of the ongoing spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in various parts of Kansas.  This restructuring now permits Match Day donations to be made over a longer designated period of time from September 1 to October 8, 2020 and provides a number of flexible, donation giving alternatives which are in in addition to donors being able to also make donations online on October 8.


As has been the case with other Match Days, the 2020 Wamego Match Day Event provides a unique opportunity for the entire Wamego community to participate and support local nonprofit organizations and various charitable funds and causes. Individuals and various entities that make gifts on this day to participating nonprofit and other charitable entities and organizations will be provided the opportunity to make a bigger and more significant impact through their giving. This increased impact has been made possible by matching funds being made available which will be added to donations received by participants from the general public as more fully described in this website. Donations made on Match Day to various nonprofit and charitable organizations by members of the community at large will go directly into the funds these organizations have established with the Wamego Foundation. 


As the result of generous gifts of monies made to the Foundation by Benefactors with established, long-term connections to the Wamego community, and subject to Match Day limitations and guidelines, each organization receiving Match Day donations from the public at large will then receive an additional 50% matching amount on their donor gifts from the matching monies which have been made available to the Wamego Foundation by these Benefactors.  Each organization receiving gifts on Match Day will be entitled to use these combined gifts where and in a manner deemed by the organization to be most needed and most appropriate.  Some organizations may use these monies to increase their endowment while others may use all or a portion to fund immediate operating requirements. 


The availability of these matching funds provides individual and organizational donors throughout the Wamego Community with the unique opportunity to create an even bigger impact with each of their gifts during this Match Day event.  This generosity further contributes both realistically and effectively to making this event truly a “Time of Community Pride and Inspiration in Giving” and marks another milestone for an annual event which reflects the giving, caring and philanthropic character of the Wamego community and surrounding area.



Question: Are the available Wamego matching monies applicable to the first dollars donated or prorated to all dollars donated?

Answer: The matching monies are applied to the first dollars donated until the match funds are used up.

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