Wamego Match Day is
October 8, 2020
Wamego Match Day
Wamego Match Day is
October 8, 2020
Wamego Match Day is
October 08, 2020

Whitney's Warriors & Nora's Angels

Goal: $10,000.00

Specific Need

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The idea of this fund was sparked by Whitney Mayer, of Wamego, KS and Lindsay Travis, of Overland Park, KS after the contributions they received when they both experienced shocking & traumatic medical diagnosis’; cancer.


During their experiences, these two strangers were both overwhelmed by the outpouring of support they received. Looking back through their separate experiences, Wamego was the common thread connecting these two ladies, and thus, it was clear the world is not separated by more than six degrees.


An organization, Concrete Cares, based out of Arkansas, with professional connections to a couple of residents in Wamego, KS quickly became a financial resource for them as they navigated a scary and traumatic life event. 


Whitney and Lindsay, originally strangers to one another, found themselves connected thru cancer via Concrete, Cares now want to transition from being a recipient of receiving support to becoming a resource to others. 


Thus, “Whitney’s Warriors & Nora’s Angels” 


The core of this organization will be to quickly provide financial support and means to people in similar situations by providing housing relief whether at home or at wherever they face treatment or rehabilitation. Wamego, KS is the connecting factor to Whitney & Lindsay so they are requiring the same centerpiece for their fund establishment.


A small committee has been established to review and decide who will be a recipient of this fund. They recognize no two cases are ever alike so the committee will review each applicant thoroughly and based on the financial situation of the fund, will determine the amount given per nominee on a case by case basis. Each committee member will recuse themselves if there a direct connection or relation to an applicant.


The ultimate goal is to provide financial relief in housing so the focus can be on finding and fulfilling the best medicinal relief possible.



2105 Clifford Drive
Wamego KS 66547
Phone: (785) 844-1623

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