Wamego Match Day is
October 8, 2020
Wamego Match Day
Wamego Match Day is
October 8, 2020
Wamego Match Day is
October 08, 2020

Flint Hills Regional Council

Specific Need

More than 80% of our funding comes from restricted grant funding.  Your support of the Flint Hills Regional Council not only empowers Pottawatomie County and the region overall, it enhances our ability to use your donation for match dollars--stretching our local dollars further and increasing our ability to bring in additional grant funding to our region. 


Our most recent awards have brought in ~$2M in federal funding, with only $187,000 in match contribution.  Our largest challenges are two-fold: 1) We have limited access to funding to meet match requirements;  2) The use of grant funding is significantly restricted, and unrestricted funding is required to meet basic operational expenses. 


Approximately half of the awarded funding helps to protect and preserve our region's largest employer and economic generator--Fort Riley.  The funding not only supports Fort Riley's abillity to remain mission ready, it also supports the surrounding communities with projects that only through regional collaboration would be possible.  


Our two most recent awards total $918,000, which enables us to continue our important work in supporting Fort Riley and the surrounding communities, as well as, serve as a regional leader in our Recovery and Resiliency efforts as a result of COVID-19.   


The Flint Hills Regional Council also serves as an official economic development district, which enables us to apply for invitation-only/ non-competitive funding through the Economic Development Administration in support of our region and implementation of our regional economic development plan serving Chase, Geary, Lyon, Morris, Pottawatomie, Riley and Wabaunsee Counties.   


Your donation would help support our overall operations and mission to enhance economic vitality and improve quality of life in the Flint Hills.  The Flint Hills Regional Council exist to collaborate, advocate and empower communities to create the best and most prosperous region imaginable.  


You can help support this important work taking place in our communities with a gift to the Flint Hills Regional Council.  Your gift is tax deductible.  Consider making a donation today to take advantage of the Wamego Match Day benefits!




Enhancing the economic viability and improving the quality of life through regional collaboration in the Flint Hills.


The Flint Hills Regional Council is a voluntary service association consisting of 25 member jurisdictions working in partnership to enhance economic viability and improve the quality of life in Pottawatomie, Geary, Riley, Morris, and Wabaunsee County and beyond.  The Flint Hills Regional Council works hard to bring in millions of external dollars to support our region, with the vast majority of the funding being applied toward projects that directly benefit the region.  We serve as an official economic development district, which means we are able to access non-competitive funding from the Economic Development Administration to implement our regional economic development plan.  


We also provide community planning, grant, and technical assistance to our member jurisdictions.  We understand and value the importance of working collaboratively, as we are stronger together and more effective.   Industry markets, workforce, public health, access to healthcare and mental health services, emergency services, and environmental issues do not stop at jurisdictional boundaries.  These issues require cooperation and coordination between communities. The Flint Hills Regional Council exist to support the facilitation of collborative efforts that bring mutual benefit to the region.


Your support of our efforts would be greatly appreciated.

Photos & Videos

Lt. Governor Lynn Rogers speaking at FHRC Regional Conference
Lt. Governor Lynn Rogers speaking at FHRC Regional Conference
Flint Hills Regional Institute
Flint Hills Regional Institute


PO Box 514
Ogden KS 66517
Phone: (785) 203-6534

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